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Buy Excellent Coffee — Build Sustainable Communities


What if your morning cup of coffee could change lives?


About Behind the leaf Coffee


Mist-shrouded mountains, unrest, and destructive crops have hidden villages of the Pa-O for generations.  We wondered, what if in this valley closed to outsiders for so long, there was a hidden treasure?  What if, in this valley aching for hope, an answer was already present?

What if coffee could change lives?


As our team of accidental entrepreneurs sought the answer, a specialty coffee emerged. We partnered with the Pa-O to resurrect their coffee farms and harvest at peak times. The fruit is then processed meticulously by artisans and the beans are roasted methodically in small batches. The result: a coffee coveted the whole world over.


What makes Behind the leaf coffee different?


We care About good coffee

We only buy the ripe cherries, our coffee goes through multiple quality checks, and we roast it to our specifications. We like coffee and sincerely believe, if it's going to be enjoyed, it needs to be good. 


We care about the people Behind the Coffee

We work with the Pa-O people of Myanmar who were once hidden, like their coffee, behind the leaf. We work with individual farmers, many of whom have only a few trees in their backyard, to train them and build pride in their own product. 


Our Story


Behind the Leaf Coffee exists to give opportunity to the Pa-O people of Myanmar through agricultural education and fair wage. We teach coffee management to independent coffee farmers with anything from one to one hundred trees in their care and provide a market for their coffee cherries by introducing their coffee to the world.

Since starting this experiment in 2016, we have won numerous awards with our Pa-O coffee, but what we are most proud of is the community that has formed around this project. Watch our story below to see what we mean!


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